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Mokki is the world’s leading specialist in bedroom furniture for children and young adults. Over 40 room settings by international designers can be viewed at any one of our showrooms, you can select from just one piece to a complete room.


The Mokki range is modern, cosmopolitan and appeals to kids anywhere in the world. As the world becomes increasingly globalised, children are forging common cultural expressions and tastes in music, games and brands. Mokki reflects these global trends in its design and aesthetic.

The Mokki selection is designed to enhance your children’s creativity and imagination while at the same time fostering a relaxing environment for homework and  entertaining friends. And the furniture is designed for different age groupings generally from 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and 13+ for girls and boys!

Mokki furniture also tries to marry design to personality, so there is certain to be something for every child or teenager in our showrooms. Little wonder that more than two million kids are growing up in the comfort of Mokki furniture around the world. They all find inspiration in its ability to reflect their passion, desire and talent, making Mokki furniture a must have!

Only experienced and highly-motivated trained installers construct Mokki furniture in our customers’ houses. Our courteous and efficient sales staff are on hand to answer any questions, help with interior queries and offer valuable advice for your children’s and teenager’s Bedroom requirements!


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 Over 40 room settings can be viewed at any one of our showrooms, these settings have been created by international designers. You can select from just one piece to a complete room.
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